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What is Big C Business?

In 2010 a group of  Year 5 and 6 Cambridge Primary boys created a business called The Big C. The C stood for Calendula, the flower grown, harvested and made into ointment by the students.  The idea originated from Debbie Harper, who had approached the school and gifted her business of making  Calendula ointment.  

Each school year , Year 6 boys are encouraged to apply for a position within the business.  They are interviewed and successful applicants then operate the business .  Throughout the years,  Big C is fortunate to have the

Cambridge Community support.  The boys have received mentoring and advice from people such as Sir Patrick Hogan from Cambridge Stud, Mr McFaggen from Strawberry Fields and Robert Clancy from Amber Nursery.

The boys attend regular board meetings, set budgets, plan product marketing and set production goals. The business was initially supported financially via a loan from Cambridge Primary’s Principal, Mr Pettit. Since then, the group’s objective is to sell enough product to give funds back to the school.