Cambridge Primary School

Quality - Tradition – Innovation


Our Vision Statement:

CPS through QTI

Creating Powerful Students through Quality Tradition and Innovation

Cambridge Primary School Values:






•Caring & Compassion


•Turangawaewae – a sense of belonging/ownership





 Cambridge Primary School Believes in... 

•Striving for quality and excellence

•Encouraging creativity and innovation

•Valuing our school traditions and place in history

•Active co-operation between parents, children and teachers

•Empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour

•Providing a positive, stimulating and challenging learning environment

•Giving students the opportunity to participate in co-operative learning

•Encouraging risk taking and learning from mistakes

•Catering for different abilities and learning styles

•Emphasising Literacy and Numeracy and developing these to a high standard

•Setting achievable goals

•Acknowledging and encouraging effort and achievement

•Showing a genuine interest in our students

•Valuing student’s work and celebrating successes

•Recognising and building on our student interests and abilities

•Providing a balanced programme

•Focusing on process and skill development

•Establishing clear and consistent routines

•Fostering a love of learning

•Developing and fostering a love of learning