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Chaplaincy Services

We take great pride in introducing our Salvation Army sponsored CPS Chaplain. Ben Cola. Ben is passionate about helping families thrive not just survive.


Salvation Army Services: The Salvation Army has been a social service provider in New Zealand for over 100 years. Please note, although Ben is a Church Minister within The Salvation Army, Chaplaincy itself is 'support that is carried out without discrimination. It is about helping people find their own way in life, not about helping them follow ours.

 Availability:  Ben is available throughout the week for sit-down chats. He will also be on the school grounds at pick-up time, most afternoons, and invite you to tap him on the shoulder and say hi. He also welcomes you to connect with him via the contact avenues below. 

Contact details:

Ben Cola, 

Chaplaincy Services available: Through Ben, CPS Chaplaincy services can offer support to staff/families in the following ways:


A Friendly Chat: The service, tapped into most often, is simply a friendly, listening ear! We are happy to push pause on life and just come alongside those who might just want to offload or talk through circumstances. Most often, we know which way we want to head, but just need to talk it through. Other times, you may not be sure of your options. We are able to link you to a variety of services within our organisation from foodbank/financial services to information on our drug & alcohol/gambling rehabilitation services. We are also able to attend Family Group Conferences/Strengthening Families meetings (by invitation only) in support of parents or the school, provided the parents are in agreement with us attending

Positive Lifestyle Programme (PLP): An 8wk, one-on-one programme for adults to move through with their Chaplain. It covers a variety of topics including anger, depression, stress, grief, and self-esteem.

Advocacy: For those needing support for life situations or meetings. 

Food Bank: For those families struggling to make ends meet, we can arrange a time to meet and get food support. This can help with unexpected bills/financial expenses. We can work with you in the short or long term as you work your way through financial difficulty. We can also tap into other services within our agency and other social agencies to help with things like uniforms, stationery, and BYOD devices.  

We do not offer every service but we can help you find the support you need. 

To view our national church website, click here.

To help you gain more clarity around Chaplaincy, here you will find a short youtube clip on the role of the Chaplain at Kelston Boys High, NZ. 

Here you will find a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, between Cambridge Primary School and The Salvation Army regarding Chaplaincy at CPS.