Cambridge Primary School

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The CPS Girls Group started near the end of 2021, the group is comprised of senior girls. Each year girls have to apply, interview, and be selected for the group for the following year. 

The CPS Girls Group has been learning the process of Hot Composting.  A start-up Girls Group worked together with some adult assistance, to put a grant forward to fund Hot Compost bins.  As a result of this, the bins were installed and there was education about how this process works.  We have incorporated the G2T waste and staffroom waste to contribute towards the compost building up to a level that we can use.  Our ideas have been to sell our compost, use it in our G2T garden beds, and to offer the bins as a service to the community.  During Term 1, we stewed rhubarb to sell at the CPS Gala as a new way to generate income.