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Jen George
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SENCO teacher


General Information

I have taught for seventeen years and have been at Cambridge Primary school for ten of these years, the last four years being the school’s SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator). I will be continuing this role as well as teaching in Room 11 on a Wednesday. I have taught at every level of the school and have been a reliever, release teacher, tutor teacher and team leader. I have my Masters degree in Education (Mathematics).

I have two children who attend CPS and stepchildren who are in High School. I look forward to getting to know your children better and their families.

Angela Hay
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Teacher- Science & STEAM


General Information

Hi, my name is Ange and I’m in my fifth year of teaching Science at Cambridge Primary School. During my time teaching at CPS, I have enjoyed seeing the children grow in their knowledge and understanding of science. I am often inspired by the way the children make new discoveries, and how they demonstrate creative thinking and innovative ideas beyond what I could ever imagine. My hope is that by “unlocking” science early on, a passion will ignite within the children, leading them to exciting discoveries and extraordinary outcomes.

Before discovering my love for teaching, I was originally drawn into the study of science through pre- medicine. I then went on to complete my Masters in Chemistry and worked in the field of Biomedical Science in London. I later returned to the Waikato, and enjoyed many years of Secondary School Chemistry teaching and then embraced a new journey into Primary School Science. In my spare time, I thrive on outdoor adventure, with water sports and boating being high on my list. I am a Waikato girl, who loves being surrounded in nature and I live in the countryside with my husband and three children.

Deborah Mc Elwee
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Release Teacher- Assessment

Kate Watson
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Yr 5/6 Teacher, Challenge and Extension Teacher & Coordinator


General Information

Cambridge Primary School offers a Challenge and Extension Programme for Years 5&6. The children are selected by parent nomination, teacher recommendation and assessment records.

I am the lucky teacher of these classes. I have been at Cambridge Primary School for several years now and in various leadership positions. I have a great interest in the area of Gifted Education and am currently completing my Master of Educational Leadership.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead!

Jani Clements
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Reading Recovery Teacher

Sue Lyon
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Being Our Best Facilitator


General Information

Reg. Teacher Resilience Facilitator Virtues Master Facilitator Mindfulness Facilitator
I am registered teacher and have worked in multi cultural settings for over 30 years.
During this time I have taught in Christchurch, south Auckland as a Senior Teacher, Deputy Principal at Mauke Primary, in the Cook Islands and a teacher at Leamington School in Cambridge.
I have always been very passionate about working with children and families especially in supporting resilience, confidence, self esteem and resolving conflict in a peaceful manner.
For the past ten years I have been facilitating resilience programmes in Cambridge primary schools and assisting parents and teachers in implementing strategies into the school and home environment.
I have 3 adult children and I enjoy bush walks, being close to nature, biking, gardening, fishing, tennis, travelling and being with my friends and family.
It is a pleasure working at Cambridge Primary School with such wonderful staff, children and families.

Luke Goodwin
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Te Reo Maaori Teacher


General Information

The learning of Māori language is an essential part of your child's education in modern New Zealand. It is my pleasure to help the staff in this by running an eight-week programme with each class at some point during the year as part of the Arts rotation. I am Pākehā and began my Māori language journey at university. Thirty years later, I love the language and am keen to see its use continue to grow and become normal.

I grew up in Cambridge and spent most of my full-time teaching career at Matamata College. Outside of CPS, my roles include house husband and Treaty advocate

Amy Hely
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Garden to Table Teacher

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Briar Cooper
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Teacher - Visual Art

General Information

Kia Ora, my name is Briar Cooper. I am currently working part-time here at CPS, as I have two young children at home. This year I am teaching year 1's in Room 16, Visual Arts elective on a Thursday, and Year 5/6's in Room 1. I have been teaching at Cambridge Primary for 12 years and absolutely love it. I enjoy working with children, watching the growth in their learning is so rewarding. I love supporting children in their transition into school. CPS is a place where children are motivated and actively engaged. Students feel safe, take risks, and we celebrate their successes.

My time outside of school is spent with my husband and our two kids, our dog Lunar and my extended whanaau and friends. In our spare time, we love to travel, spend time at the beach, on the boat and explore new places.

Laura Wallace
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Outdoor Classroom Teacher