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CPS School App

We value clear communications with our community.  We have several ways to communicate which include LINCED emails, Newsletter, Express and Facebook. As an enviro school, we have gone away from sending paper copies home to you. 

We are aware that we all sit in an ever-changing and busy environment where technology is our go to.

We are excited to let you know that we have an app for our Cambridge Primary School.  This app will allow you to receive notifications on your phone/device about different areas and aspects of our school. For this to happen it is extremely important for you to download the app and set yourself up correctly. By 2020 we aim to have all communications via this school app. 

To download the app just search SchoolAppsNZ in the app store, and then enter Cambridge Primary School to find your School App.

Please see this video for more information:

In your menu bar, you can at any stage, add or take off alerts in the ‘Alert Subscriptions’ section.

We hope you enjoy this line of communication!