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Learn and Earn 2020 Information

This week we have shared our Learn and Earn fundraiser with all children at CPS.

Blake and Batten have been provided a paper copy of the test, as well as an information letter and sponsorship form sent home.

Hillary and Rutherford classes have sent the link to the self marking google form home via HERO, and this has also been put on all students Google Classrooms.  Information notices and sponsorship forms have been sent home with each child this week. These links have been opened up so anyone can access the google form.


If this is your first time to Learn and Earn :

Blake and Batten - the practice test had the answers marked on it. The real test in week 3 won’t.

Hillary and Rutherford -  if you have a go at the google form test, at the end it will tell you the correct answers. This is a great way to learn some new information.

In the lead up to the Learn and Earn test, team assemblies, whole school assemblies and classes will be supporting your children to learn this information too.