Cambridge Primary School

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What is Enviroschools? 

Enviroschools is a growing network of schools and communities in New Zealand and internationally that want to make a positive difference in our environment.  Schools create an environmental pathway and then move along that chosen path.  Each school starts from a unique place and each school’s journey is different.

The Enviroschools Programme is an unique sustainability journey that over 950 early childhood education centres and schools in New Zealand are on.

Through exploration and discovery, tamariki and students develop learning and language, care and creativity, relationships, and responsibilities suited to their developmental stage. What emerges is a connection with nature and a sense of belonging to the environment and community.

Through these connections with the environment, tamariki can consider the world we are a part of, and look to how we make decisions to improve the physical and social environment of our places, our community, and our world.

Cambridge Primary School is an Enviroschool

Cambridge Primary School is proud to be a Green-Gold Enviroschool with students and staff involved in learning for sustainability and taking action for the environment.  We continue to measure and minimise our waste and understand our impact on the earth’s resources.   Projects such as the flying fox and bike track, pest tracking and trapping, vegetable, fruit, and calendula gardens have all come through student-led inquiry.  We communicate our learning and sustainability messages in many different ways, through songs, art, sculptures, murals, gardens and mosaics, and a trash to fashion show.  


Our maps and flags embrace cultural diversity and celebrates all people in the school.  We have created a school pepeha, and staff are continuing to deepen their knowledge of tangata whenua in the region. There is a school culture about showing respect, being kind and honouring tradition.  The story of Cambridge Primary school is displayed in the front office, leading to the vision map and the care code: At Cambridge Primary School we want our environment to look, feel, and sound happy, welcoming and alive in a sustainable way.  We respect people, plants and creatures.