Cambridge Primary School

Quality - Tradition – Innovation

The Four Peaks Coffee Bar is an initiative developed by Mr Pettit after a visit to a Christchurch school where they run one very successfully. It was decided to trial it at Cambridge Primary, with all profit made going towards supporting the school, for example the heating costs of the school pool.

Our aim is to provide refreshments for parents and students at an affordable price while still tasting amazing. Our Coffee Bar is run by Louise who is a professionally trained barista and cook.

We purchase our freshly roasted coffee beans from Red Cherry and the grinds are then used in the school Enviro Garden. We also offer a range of cold drinks to suit all tastes along with fresh fruit, bottled water and baked goods for those times when you need to top up a lunchbox or grab yourself something for morning tea. This year we have introduced a range of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, using produce from our Enviro Garden where possible.

We encourage you to come and try us out! We are open Monday to Friday's. Mornings 7.30am to 9.15am. There is a picnic table outside for anyone to enjoy, and don't forget you can text in your order ahead of time if you are in a rush (020 4094 2868).